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Rating: 8.7 (197 votes)
At last, I finished my CPMA frag movie. I wanted to release it before the start of 2004, but there were some things coming between it.

It's finally done and I've spent so many hours syncing the ingame sounds with the images, the music with the frags, recording the sounds, cl_avidemo'ing etc etc...

Its duration is 12:03 and the filesize is 299MB. I know, the filesize could have been reduced a little, but I think it's ok.
All the frags are my POV, but there's also some little out-side-the-person action in it.

I hope you like it and please leave some comments on what you think about it in the comments section ;)

loosec's mirror is down, but I added a very fast new one, thanks to evilstev3n!