As promised this weekend, the invites for the second edition of the ESReality Online. My apologies to those who hoped to hear the invites friday by djWHEAT. He wasn't able to do it from the Global Gaming League. The tournaments should be a blast, if you look at the invite list. We've got names like the QuakeWorld players Sweden razor and Finland Hib, the UT fame Netherlands lauke and Q3 legend Sweden fazz both playing UT2003, the world's top WC3 players Sweden MadFrog and Sweden HeMaN, the famous RTCW team United Kingdom Four and QCON winner Sweden Infensus plus... Sweden fox and Germany SteLam who's coming back to Q3 just for this one event...

Weekend one 19, 20 and 21 Sept.
QuakeWorld 1v1
Q3 OSP: 2v2 - North American conference

Weekend two 3, 4 and 5 Oct.
Q3 OSP: 2v2 - European conference
Unreal Tournament 2003: 1v1
Warcraft 3: 1v1

The rest of the rules for the competitions that will be played in weekend two will be online after the first weekend, including the seeds. The schedule for ESo2 weekend one will be released later this week, including the missing rules for weekend one. Be sure You join #ESo on QuakeNet.
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