with best graphics

I know there was an attempt with quakelive, which went fine for a few years until slowly went down, but this happened 15 years ago and it focused on other things.

Here is why I think that remaking quake3 with the best graphics to day or of the future would blow many shooters out of the water:

-smaller maps compared to newer games, enough as we know already to give superb games because superior gameplay mechanics

Smaller maps work great with superior graphics settings because lower physical requirements. We all know that the main problem with implementing advanced graphics in modern games is that maps tend to get bigger and bigger (the best solution -adopted especially by console developers -to use many loading screens does not bode well with games either)

This being said, I think that quake3 could always be the most advanced game in terms of graphics if someone would want to continuously upgrade its visuals. Probably older graph-minimalist players would despise it, but if the game would retain the exact same gameplay it would not be such a big deal. But imagine the noise for all youngsters when they would know that there is a fps arena game always ahead of the competition in terms of visuals.