Stage 1 Final Bracket : Quake Pro League official website

Where : (main stream) (second stream)

When : Starts at 8AM (ET), 2 PM (CET)
Friday 11th of December to Sunday 13th of December

For those who haven't followed Quake Champions since the last tournament, one of the most important change that happened was the fact that this QPL season, instead of having the regular matches only being used for rankings, they also decided prize ($150 for each map win, $50 for each map loss), making every match and map count even during regular season. See here for the official news.

As for the Stage Finals, as you can see in the brackets, this time even though still online, the tournament bracket will mix players from both regions right from the start, like I think we all wanted to see.

Here is the prize money for the Stage 1 Final ($100,000 total) :
21st - 24th - $1,000
17th - 20th - $2,000
13th - 16th - $2,750
9th - 12th - $3,750
7th - 8th - $5,000
5th - 6th - $6,000
4th - $7,000
3rd - $8,000
2nd - $10,000
1st - $15,000