I really enjoy Diabotical however its going to fail unless the community aspects of the game become much more addictive and easy to grow.

I remember back in the day playing on servers for hours in q1/q2/q3.

The reason I would stay on a server and keep playing was the 'community' aspect of it.

Servers were packed with people spectating and talking shit about the people playing.

Diabotical needs to make itself feel like a community of people IN THE LOBBY before choosing a game mode or activity.

Ok so THIS is my idea and may or may not be feasible but it is how Diabotical should work.

In Counterstrike there are certain servers you join to buy and sell goods for csgo skin trading.


This server is used for trading and can hold a shitton of people.

Traders have to meet on this server so they can see the skins they are buying in game so people use it to meet up. *like a lobby of a MMORPG*

There are "portals/doors" that people can walk into and have their own privacy.

Diabotical should function this way. There should be servers with 32 players that act as the 'Lobby' where people can meet up and chat and also strafe around and such.

On the servers you have portals to go into the arena of choice. A bunch of you can just decide ok guys we have 8 ppl right now waiting to play, lets go into the TDM portal and then they do it and it warps them into a game. After the TDM game finishes, they rejoin the lobby which already has a lot of people waiting and chilling and they can pick another portal to go into.

This would build a 'community' inside diabotical that it truely needs to survive.

You can also use it to just chill and strafe jump around on the servers without doing anything.

This would be the exact same 'feel' that rocket arena 3 gave us when we had those huge maps and the individual 1v1 or 2v2 maps.

Diabotical NEEDS the community feeling to survive

Also heres another idea for the 'community' idea.

I remember a long time ago on Mplayer.com they had a Lobby system. So it was a webpage that had multiple square icons that acted like seperate rooms. In the lobby it showed all of them from each region and which people were waiting inside it to start the game.

You can view and create and launch any mode from inside the rooms and invite anyone into it and play in that room for hours with your friends if you so choose.

You would be able to see the list of people who are trying to play the game on the lefthand side like IRC and click and invite them to your lobby.

It also had universal chat. It was good because it gave you a sense that you can invite people to play right away and see the player health of the game and reassure you that there are people playing.

You get to meet new people and add them to your friends list and can co-ordinate with them when to play even if the player health of the game is bad.

I don't want any reason to quit Diabotical the game. I want to just have it launched and be able to interact with all players that also have it loaded.

Basically built in IRC/Discord. Just filter the fuck out of the chat.
Create Diaboticals OWN words and vernacular.
Have a list of taunts/swear words created for diabotical for people to smack talk others if they so choose.

So even kids can get into it without having real world harmful effects.

Also sell Graffiti (like csgo sprays) so you can customize your slogan/smack talk and spray paint it on the maps

More ideas:

So in game modes where teammates quit and you are left with 4v3 or 3v2. There needs to be TWO things that can happen.

1) If the game was close then you need to have AUTOSPEC the lowest/worst player on the team that has more people.

1b) If the team score is not close then a 'Bot' AI should join the game on the loser side so that they dont feel too bad and the game can finish.

There were bots in quake3 that could strafe jump and fight really well.Spiterbot was the name

I used to play single player with this fucker and he used to do bridge 2 rail in 1 fucking hop like a bitch.

Another idea are frag movies INSIDE the game.

The ability to cut/paste a frag you did while playing from some demo format and then be able to create a frag movie and share it.


This will help people get more interested in the game and they will gravitate to it.

For the dodge button:

I haven't used it at all since it feels abnormal however i think I have an idea on how to make it proper for diabotical.

It should be a Dive Kick.

You use it in air not to double jump, but to immediately get downward force as if you are in gravity. This means you can jump and then dive kick another location (angled left/right/forward/back) to stop ur jump from being long in order to juke guys leading or trying to hit you with rockets.

This may or may not work using jumppad/ being in the air - depends on testing and how people react to it.

I can already see myself using it to fake jump attack people and dive back down.

Another idea is for the dodge to become grapple.

1 Grapple to launch yourself and cooldown would be 10 seconds or so. Grapple serves as a very fun mechanic to basically dodge or attack very quickly. It was extremely fun to do in q1 ctf.

The gameplay would be boosted because the grapple is only 1 shot with a big cooldown. It won't be abused and will add an extra element of fighting which has already been purely explored with quakelive/q3.