Courtesy of probably the most incompetent developer in the gaming industry, the man that contributed to the death of Quake 4, Quake Live, and now Quake Champions, the most spectacular example of half-assing something you'll see in a looong time: you can STILL change champions in the middle of a duel match!

When Sync was tasked to remove that feature in past patches, all he did was move the "select champion" banner down in the screen, outside of fov of normal 16:9 screens.
He had no clue how to simply remove it without breaking everything else like in previous patches.

So if you change your resolution to weird screen proportions, the banner will still be visible and accessible. Allowing you to pick whatever champion you want mid match.

I SO wish someone did that while in the middle of a match with Rapha, or Cooller, or Raisy, and see their reactions. It'd probably take a while to process what happened.