VOD with notes and timestamps below: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/538110150

(00:55) James shows ctf_quarry https://trello.com/c/X5fgbyz5/245-ctfquarry a CTF map that promEUs has been working on

(02:23) 2d art guys are working on logo, ranks, additional stuff for the shop. Database guys are working on getting stats and the website done. FireFrog is dealing with bugs, VOIP and anticheat

(03:53) Denis together with Anders are working on the audio, (some new firing shots are played) requested stereo ambient sound nodes, will be working on the movement audio for the eggbots, will work on different footsteps and jump sounds depending on height, to indicate if they are below or above you or on your level

(07:51) James starts writing a list of the last things that need to be done mentioned earlier, bugs, voip, anticheat, netcode, website, audio and visual feedback

(09:35) closed beta (testing weekends) for Kickstarter backers will start in February (probably late February)-Weekend 1 (NDA) - 3 game modes, 7 maps. The modes will be Arena 1v1/2v2, Wipeout 5v5, Instagib Crossbows 5v5. Additionally there will be a Warmup mode (continuous FFA with all weapons), map editor and a bot arena (to test weapons). There will be 12 servers each of which support at least 500 people but will possibly support 2000 after optimizations. A total of probably 10,000 invites will be distributed. People will be under NDA, and won't be allowed to stream or share information about the game, they can however keep recordings to release later in the future when it's allowed (content creators can prepare some content).

(14:24) Weekend 2 (NDA) - 2 game modes will be added, 4-5 maps will be added. We want to stress test so if there aren't enough Kickstarter backers playing then it's likely that more keys will be distributed on the Diabotical Discord server

(16:22) there will be skill rating and matchmaking during these testing weekends, and since a significant amount of people that will be playing will be familiar with the game's genre, this will be an opportunity to get some rating calibrations done before more people, including less experienced people, are given access and therefore contribute to a better experience

(17:26) If there are many problems during these testing weekends, there will be one more closed testing weekend, if things are ok then the next testing weekends will be open. The content available will reset to the game modes of the first weekend, now in a more polished state and progressively more things will be added as the game goes back up on the following testing weekends.

(20:22) Regarding Kickstarter refunds, please provide your PayPal information to receive a refund if you haven't yet since we aren't able to do refunds in any other way. The refunds will go out sometime in February before the keys for testing weekends go out.

(23:57) James shows a concept image of the skill ranks link 1, link 2

(31:15) Test tournaments will be held in the future which will be standalone for different modes like Wipeout, Duel, TDM, MacGuffin to see what pros think of the modes, and to show the game to potential sponsors and teams who are interested but would like test tournaments to happen first.

(34:57) There will be an announcement next month of when to expect the keys