I can't test the tournament system, but let me remind you.

Very elite option # 1: filter of tournament participants by rating
Very elite option # 2: the round robin system of the tournament, with the number of laps. and bo1-bo-7

Once again I see the same error. Lack of these 2 options. The feeling that someone has deliberately excluded them.

If you do not understand why these 2 options are

#1- For quality games.

Forget the lack of players and don't think like a businessman. For advanced players, the Rating Filter is just needed and that's it. (as an option, of course). Only fools play without a rating filter. System can collect Players with necessary ratings, because 1-2 weeks is enough for this(start date of tournament).

#2- In order to compensate for the small number of players in the tournament. There are fewer players, we play a little more games. This is the reality. For example 4 teams, 3 teams.

I'm not even talking about the fact that SE and DE are not fair. Most of the chess tournaments are played in a round robin system. SE and DE are needed to pay less for rent on LAN and if there are a lot of players. We don't need to pay rent, so give us the round robin option.

I hope in the future regular / common players will be able to see the list of unofficial tournaments on the main page. No mandatory distribution of keys. I'm too lazy to send them out.

Reminder about Tournament System with more details.