we are a bunch of old fashioned quake3 players and after 10 years of inactivity we want to start a like "q3pickup" based Discord channel where we can meet and play some nice quake3 osp matches together.

If you are interessted in general feel free to join us on our discord server:


We already are playing on a fixed appointment every second monday at 8pm. (TIMEZONE GMT+1)

docker.lamagra-online.de:27960 lamaGra OSP DUEL #01
docker.lamagra-online.de:27961 lamaGra OSP DUEL #02
docker.lamagra-online.de:27962 lamaGra OSP TDM #01
docker.lamagra-online.de:27963 lamaGra OSP CTF #01

it would be nice if you join and sent this information to all other lonely quake players out there.

best regards lamagra

ps: we have all you need (quake3 configs, maps and downloads to get startet, just ask in discord channel)