To all those who think that "Serious is an average aimer is a joke, check this.
Serious Aim Noob in Quake 4

More proof of serious being legit.

There are no aimbots / hacks in quake 4 and the guy still hits 30% which is pro level.
An amateur like c1 or fartless would prolly hit about 20% if lucky.
There also go pdclowns, yakumos, and other shitheads from qc.

Its too bad he does not hit 55-60% like Sanchez does.

There fore his aim is graded in noob tier (watch power levels in quake)
And an average aim in my eyes is 40lg and 70rail in q4 duel.

Original Article

Serious is not a cheater who is using aimbots or any kind of software to improve his aim. I believe he is absolutely legit and fair and there are solid proofs / reasons for it.

Lets get facts straight

1. There is documented proof that SERIOUS watches God of War SANCHEZ vids atleast from 2014. There is a comment from his official youtube channel. It was already when I have retired from quake in 2012, so I only saw it in 2019 and tbh I had no fucking idea who serious is at all.

2. From 2014 to now that is whole 5 years of praying and learning from worlds best.

The sad thing he is now accused by noobs that he hit 77% on cypher who has dropped down into blind zone and did 2 long strafes.
Sanchez would hit 90%+ in that situation easily.
And cypher lost that fight because he himself hit like 37% LG.

3. Why its not Kovaak that gives serious his aim? Kovaak is a child play zone, it has limited usage in real war conditions, hitting bots and hitting real humans is not a same thing. We all know sad example of Aimer7, who already spent over 10.000 hours in kovaak and even developed the most dumbass training regime in the world.
But in qc a noob game that is easy to hit he does not even hit above average numbers of advanced noob players.

Look at moffit etc, they compete in circus show far from real life conditions. People hit top scores in kovaak think they are the best and it matters, but its the opposite. Nerding repetetive scenarios makes you stupid and retarded, and nervous system stagnates in the potential of development. With those grips, techniques, they wont be anywhere near top tier in real competetive games.

Serious still hits only 30-35% LG in Quake 4 Duel, that is a decent level for a pro, he would be among best quake pros in aim in q4, but it is millions years away from 55% LG that Sanchez hits on just 0.1% power.

30% LG in quake 4 is a pro level, a pro that knows how to aim.
An average player will be hitting around 20%. Cooller / cypher / rapha will hit less than 30% for sure. And more around 25%.

Just divide your Quake Champions lg by 2 to get q4 lg.

60 / 2 is 30%. But only very few people in QC hit 60% all the time.

All these facts prove us that Serious is legit and has always been legit.

Sanchez hits 55%+ LG in Q4 Duels, but you cant possibly hit 55x2 = 110%, hence QC is a big nerf for Sanchez aim.

Also sanchez stated many times that he comes to qc to relax abd never plays serious no pun intended, here. Its very obvious by observing the mouse movement speed.

This is average Sanchez flickshot from q4 on just 0.1% power - https://clips.twitch.tv/VictoriousTardyCodBrokeBack
Its speed is around 10 ms. or 0.01% of a second

That is atleast 10 times faster than clawz flicking with high accel values.

Father of all aim paragons simply does not miss