GodSanchez is offering new and exclusive service in the game called Quake Champions.

I can get your account banned permanently free of charge.
It is a badge of honour to get banned in a shit game like QC.

My aiming ability surpasses aimbots, so its not hard to get you banned.

How it works.

1. Send me your login / password steam.
2. Send verification code from email.
3. I login your steam and play few games 2-3 usually.
4. I record a short video and upload it on GOD OF WAR SANCHEZ YT channel.
5. Your QC account is getting banned in 24 hours.

I already got quite a few accounts banned, and while I don't like the game and don't want to play it, I accept this as a kind of a sport and its fun, so can try get more accounts banned.

P.s. Sanchez never played QC seriously or full power, the highest level I go this game is limited by 0.01% ability.

Q. How soon can you get my account banned?
A. It works as first come first served, queue might be / get long and I dont want to play QC daily or smth.