Despite the additions to QC, I find it shallower than previous Quake games namely due to reduced importance of control and positioning. Here I'll address only control and only duel.

Champions restrict play styles. Never before Quake Champions would I have thought to say to a competent player, "That play style is wrong."

The solution: replace three-champion select with classic Quake--control. Champions are now items on the map that also double as spawn points. Like any other item, simply walk over the champion to exchange and become it. After each death, you choose a champion not worn by your opponent.

Champions as items solves the problem of restrictive play style, allowing players to change champions without having to give up a frag. It also solves the archaic problem of random spawns, putting the spawn decision in the hands of the player.

Secondly, abilities are "free," meaning that only time is necessary. Your opponent cannot control the readiness of your ability; he can only influence it, which is not Quake.

Once again, the solution is control. Abilities require X hourglasses to become activated. This begets a new mega item, a giant clock that immediately grants the ability.

These changes are not so drastic that they are too late to implement, yet their subtlety is enough to dramatically deepen the game.

There are implementation details I didn't cover for the sake of brevity. Regardless, the implications are exciting and dynamic. Reverting to the design roots of Quake, id can have their champions idea, and we can have our 10/15 minutes of depth back.

Even with these changes, QC still wouldn't be my cup of tea, but I would finally respect it. Discuss.