So there are the new things from id streaming:

In-Game Voice Communication is being worked on and will become available - hopefully in an upcoming beta test.

In-Game 'Training Mode' is being worked on and will become available - hopefully in an upcoming beta test. However, it was not clear if this meant 'bots' will be part of 'Training Mode'.

In-Game Custom HUDS will become available.

In-Game Configuration will stay In-Game and not as a pull-down console. This allows for players to focus more on game strategy and improving skills - to become better players versus not so much focusing on how to tweak their configs for better advantages.

Sacrifice Game Mode
- The XP and Favor earned during Sacrifice is currently 'low' and is a bug being worked on.
- The process of throwing the soul off the map is going to be corrected.

Grenade Launcher
An upcoming new Champion will have some kind of ability relating to the Grenade Launcher. More information will become available when that Champion is introduced.

- Duel Specific Maps (smaller maps) are being tested now and will become available in an upcoming beta test.
- One new upcoming map is a 'fan favorite', but no specific details were shared. It sounds like it is a map that was mostly used for Duel and DM.

- During the entire Closed Beta Tests, the statistics for Matchmaking (MM) skills ARE being saved. This is so that when the game is released, all that information remains with the player so that the matchmaking does not have to start over from Day One.
- Again, the MM skills are saved despite the XP Levels being wiped back to Level 1 in some Beta periods.

Rematches (play again with the same people or duel opponent) will become available.

Beta Testers
Beta Testers are going to receive 'some cool thing' when the game is released. No specific details were released, but they mentioned that this is in the plan.

Live Stream Sessions
More Live Stream Info Sessions will happen and will be announced ahead of time.

syncerror: The zoom damage isn't completely finished yet.
In its finished state the extra damage will "charge" up while you are zoomed in.
Since you will have to be zoomed for whatever amount of time this should stop the macro exploit.

Why are they so idiot? why only one champions can use ability(i suppose) for grande launcher?
why not remove extra zoom for rail instead add this shit damage charge