CreaGames LLC is glad to announce a first event of the CreaGames Open Series – Unreal Tournament 2004 LAN tournament which take place in Moscow, Russia. Prizes are 100 000 rubles (aprox $1600) for 1v1 and TDM 4v4.

Date: 27th of august, 2016
Participation fee: 500 rubles (every participant will get the official tournament T-Shirt)
Place: Russia, Moscow, PlayGround Net-Cafe
General Sponsor and organizer: CreaGames LLC

UT2004 1v1 Open (70 000 rubles in cash):
Rules: type of elimination is depend on number of players
Map list: Rankin, Roughinery, Ironic, Lea, Backspace
Prize distribution: 1st place – 30 000 rubles; 2nd place – 20 000 rubles; 3rd place – 10 000 rubles; 4th place – 5 000 rubles; 5-6th place – 2 500 rubles

UT2004 TDM 4v4 Open (30 000 rubles in cash):
Maps list: Rankin, Campgrounds, Antalus, AkBal, Corrugation, Goose, Grendelkeep
Prize distribution: 1st place – 16 000 rubles; 2nd place – 8 000 rubles; 3rd place – 6 000 rubles

Stream: will be available
Links: FB page or the company's website.

Upcoming tournaments of the CreaGames Open Series will focus on games like CS: GO, Dota 2 and UT4. Date – this autumn.