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With rocket dodging there are 4 very important things to learn. Timing the dodge, predicting/reacting to the rocket direction and learning to tap left/right very fast like cooller which very few people in quake can replicate. All of this will come through experience but to master dodging you also need the mindset. One of the biggest problems with players i noticed when they dodge is that most of them let their instincts do the dodging which makes their dodging very predictable. What the very best players do is not focus on aim. In fact, they don't focus on aim at all in open combat situations most of the time as this comes naturally. In fact in their head they are visualizing where they would shoot if they were in the opponents shoes to out-think their opponent. You can also apply game theory to this scenario by knowing where most players like to shoot in a given situation, picking up cues such as the players skill level or the way they dodged a previous rocket to predict how you should move in the future. I have created a list of the common dodging patterns many players like to do and will list them below. I guarantee you that if you learn to do one of these each day (train with the lg instead of the rl as it easier since you won't be bounced from your own rockets and play ca because of it's many open combat situations and weapons and try and keep it a 1v1 situation, also try and abuse your dodge by playing aggressively but don't overdo it) and you stop thinking about aim and start thinking about dodging, your dodging will improve very quickly as well as your rocket prediction now that you can read what the opponent is going to do simply by thinking about what you would do in a given situation. Also big thanks to Mica, Mick05 and Phy1um for help making this guide possible.
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