thefou -
knossos - master of trickery and double/triple quadruple back tracking stealing every item in enemy base.
id_ - just all around great player
link1n - same as above
cl0ck/yrim - they count as 1 because that is how they played like one combined force.
jordon - honestly don't remember if he was offense in matches but in pubs he played offense like he was pissed.

viju - no one was really better, his knowledge of one when to push and fall back was just perfect and his aim was unmatched.
stunt - he made it frustrating when he showed his accuracies mid game.
jones - complete understanding of the mid position like viju and the aim with it.
kgb - his execution and control of his teams are great he does more than just play mid he commands his team.
czm - his job is to kill any thing that crosses mid and he did

mik3d - very underrated player
ffsmasher - the brick wall of c9
c1pz - maybe the most underrated player in quake history. I guess he wasn't mahmood aliased.
zero4 - you tell the best dueler in the world to guard a flag he will, bonus on japanese castles CZM played in the box with him.
Carnage - ultra aim

I know the list is very lacking on euro players but its always been hard to follow the european CTF scene as an outsider, it gets no coverage at all. Probably missing a few obvious choices since it has been so long.

appleseed obvious one (added)
draven - dont know how i forgot him