We are all silly little humans sharing a back water planet on the outer edges of space.

It's a big planet with room for all but many cluster to certain places on the planet.

There is a huge migration of people at this time, some refugee, some economic migrant, some lifestyle hedonists... Would you 'up-sticks' and move to a different place on earth to live?

With so many people migrating it makes for interesting times....

To start it off then:

I am English, I was born in England, I have lived in England for the most part but for 18 months i lived in Spain and for 6 months I lived in India....

I'm back in England now but plan to move to Spain again, this time I intend to stay there for the next 10 years or so.... in 2016/2017 maybe South America...maybe Japan.... dunno

So earthlings, where on earth are you this year? We all know dizzle is living in a gangster rap palace in Poland but what about you?

People are moving... where are YOU from? Do YOU plan to move to somewhere else on this lovely little planet?

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