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So i'm on a date with this extremely hot Indian chick and we're at dinner and talking about some shit. And she brings up her religion and im not a really religious nigga, like I know the names of the fucking religions but I don't know jack shit about em. So she's like telling me what she eats and her prayers and what she can and cant do. So im trying to be interested but its so boring so I try to change the subject and she's like. "oooh am I boring you or something, i'm really religious so if you aren't going to even learn about my culture then this isn't going to work'

anddddddddddddddd im like ok and I get up, grab my jacket and get the fuck on. Left her ass at the table.

But for real here's my question.

Is it not obvious that all religions are bullshit? Like fo real son.

Shit is simple logic. Just go back like centuries to early times when a large group of niggas be living together. I mean even before laws.

To get a civilized group of individuals to play nice, isn't that why niggas tricked each other so that they wouldn't kill each other and shit?

Like if i were a normal mofo in the jungle and met some other mofos i'd want to kill n steal their women or whatever. But if some people were like 'Wait stranger, the gods of the land will look at you and smite you' and then they pointed to some Lava or some fucking thunder and lightning' i would SHIT MYSELF and then obey them and play nice with everyone.

I mean way back when tribes were tiny, everyone was segregated, which is why we have a fuck ton of religions all over the place.

Now that we are kind of all connected. I'm pretty sure that religion should fuck off and die and Laws should be created for the whole world to follow.

Just think of this shit. If we had like 2-3 world wars that decimated a ton of our technology and then fast forwarded 2000 years into the future. I fucking bet anyone that the religion of that time would be like Superman. Niggas would be praying to superman from planet krypton to save them from their woes and shit.

fucking guarantee it