Seeing how I keep running into useful/interesting websites that everybody except me seems to know I was wondering if we could have a list of websites you find useful! The context can be anything, gaming, programming, painting, music.. w/e.

Cloud Storage: - 15GB free, client, 5GB per referral, up to 25GB - 2GB free, client, 500MB per referral

Courses/Tutorials: - Thousands of courses on Design, Business and more (25USD / month)

Software: - Install multiple common windows apps at once - apt-get like package manager for windows

Fonts: - "make your own font"-web interface - quickly wrap vector images as web fonts

Programming/Web: - different programming tutorials for dummies - interactive teaching of html/css/js

Design and Graphics:
Google Material Design Guidelines - huge lib of texture references, free for commercial use - Free High-Resolution Stock Photos

Google Document taken from Reddit

Please post, I'll update the list!