I'm thinking about buying an ODROID-U3 to use as a small, cheap and fast emulator thing to hook upto a TV. Now I'd like to have a nice clean menu for the emulators and came across Emulation Station which looks really nice and can be controller driven.

There are various custom linux distro's available for the ODROID-U3 that I found on a forum thread, the one I'm thinking of initially would be the 'Whisper' release which has controller support and running Lubuntu which seems quite easy to use, used Ubuntu in the past and liked it. They also have a Debian package.

So... looking at the Emulation Station site for Linux they only have a Debian file for download however theres a GitHub repository so would it be possible to install this emulator front end onto a machine running L/Ubuntu or would it only be possible if using a Debian distro and using the .deb package on the download page?