Here is a video of Hypno aka Gaspar from Portugal playing the pre-UT4 against xios. In resume, Epic Games invited a bunch of players to go to their head-quarters to help the developers of the game. Guys like Carmac(the polish one) are there also to help them.

The link:

New link updated:

And here is a commentary of Hypno posted on his profile on Facebook about this video:

"On the map i played you can play it less or more hitscanish, i just dislike it that way tbh, the boots added the possibility to jump into actually the hitscan whores. Shock primary is quite effective even tho the damage was reduced a little I think. Right now the whole gameplay feels solid but its gonna be tweaked a lot. The real awesome features are coming though, match making, good spectator, eSports support, tournaments, thats what will make this game alive, something that we really never had full support in previous versions, its awesome that epic are so open regarding it. About the dodge jump i truly dont know how it would perform, specially because of the scaling of maps, not sure if it would break it or not."