someone leaked on reddit! Let the pitchforks come out!

EDIT: thanks to fateful and parry

sponge confirmed?

EDIT #2: QL FOCUS CHAT 8/9 leaked by mzm0 on reddit

wow if that 2nd leak is true shake my damn head at this part
<@sponge> yea well bloodline champions has matchmaking too
<@sponge> and nobody plays that
<[eXodus]> oh so 1 failed game means its bs?
<+ia> otherwise it's just done with local variations
<+ia> which isn't globally accurate
<Fragmaster> ia you only have to do that matrix for the players added
<@sponge> oh so 2 successful games has it that means thats why?

<@sponge> because matchmaking is fucking hard, and you won't get it right the first, second, or third time
<@sponge> and the people playing the game won't give a shit if this is your first matchmaking system
<winz> perhaps it's worth hiring an outside contractor just for it?
<[eXodus]> better not try then
<winz> and with the steam release, it would have been the perfect time to do it
<@sponge> we don't have the time to find someone and bring them up to speed on our systems
<@sponge> we're talking at least 6 months of time from contracting the person to having something shippable
<@sponge> we don't even know who to contract
<@sponge> we don't have a candidate in mind