This is just a random thread to say how much DaHanG is an awesome player, because there's not enough DaHanG worship in ESR imo.

- Lives in the USA where the duel scene is supposed to be stale.

- Practices against the same (but skilled) guys all the time.

- Always do good at international events for many years now, placing 3rd, 2nd here and there.

- Impressive skill overall when on form.

- Never heard of him whining or making any drama or excuses, just loses and keeps the frustration for himself.

- Always cool in interviews, seems like a relaxed and humble man, and easy to talk too.

- Has already beaten all tops on LAN, has beaten rapha, evil and Cypher in groupstage this QCON 2014.

- etc.

So, DaHanG, good luck in the final against Cypher and I hope you will keep your calm on the scene ! I like Cypher but I think you deserve a title for your career.

tl;dr = DaHanG <3