Since there is a similar topic about mouse i decided to fantasize a bit if the same "home made" thing fitting the needs of competitive community can be done with a monitor as well.
As many gamers still prefer to play under 4:3 resolutions and monitor/gpu aspect ratio scaling issues like input lag being mentioned over and over again, my idea was what if a non-widescreen 120hz fast TFT could be created. That would fullfill the absolutely empty niche in the market.
In theory it would be like:
1.Take some uber fast matrix from one of the modern widescreen monitors like BenqXL2411
2.Make it 4:3

Tech specs of this monitor of my dream might be the following:
1) Size: 19"-22"
2) Resolution: 1600x1200,1440x1080 etc (4x3 not 5x4)
3) 120 Hz
4) 1-2 ms response time
5) LED

Just curious if smth like this could be actually created..