2am and I'm bored. Figure I'll give QuakeLive a go... Turns out the game isn't a website thing any more and I have to download a client. Okay...? So I download that, takes forever and it's the same old shit but in a client. Nice.

Client opens up in glorious 800x600 of a browser window 'cause of my config. I don't get it. Maybe it's to make it easier to update but... bit pointless. Looks ugly as fuck as well. Whatever, I'm out of the loop. I guess there's a reason for it.

Get into a few public games. Same old deal. Almost a worse community than dota games. I know people are gonna say "ah but it's pub games" but seriously... That's what the average person is gonna play. If you want a game to be more successful, this is what people are gonna be seeing.

Some beautiful shit like this for example:

Anyway, what's the crack? What's the scene like these days? I feel terrible because I barely check ESReality any more or play for that. Looks somewhat active from the events so good one on that guys. Reborn still going? Whatever else coming up?

Also - I go to a local gamesociety thing every week with some redditors and the like. They've been talking about a LAN party for a bit. Quake3 is on the list. Makes sense since I guess QuakeLive doesn't have LAN support[?] but when I mentioned QuakeLive nobody had heard of it ¬_¬

Also, fuck it: have another guitar vid