Yo, got banned because my opponent kept on quitting/forfeiting early on.

Some time ago I got banned because I didn't let a very obvious cheater play on a server.

Id software team sucks.

Gonna report evil and request them (id bulbheads) to ban him the next time cypher repeatedly ragequits early on.

Now your turn, bash 'em.

E: 3.10 Was said to be a 24hr ban, it's been 29hrs now and still banned.
E2: Don't actually know what I was banned for. My opponent first forfeited 3 mins in, then 6 mins in and after that I got banned. Syncerror and abuse_support@quakelive.com are both ignoring.
E3: sponge ignoring also.
E4: Id sucks.
E5: 10.10 After this thread and some publicity on other threads, syncerror replied here on ESR and asked to email him with details. Sent a mail and been waiting for response for 25 days now.
E6: 24.10 Sent another mail to support@quakelive.com. Been waiting for response for 11 days now.
E7: 28.10. Reminded syncerror on IRC, got ignored.
E8: 30.10 Reminded sponge on IRC, got ignored.
E9: 31.10 Sent another mail to SyncError's email address, the one he gave me. Been waiting for response for 4 days now.
E10: TLDR so far: sent 2 emails to syncerror, 1 support ticket, 1 email to support, contacted through IRC 5 times, contacted Sync through ESR 2 times, all in vain. They really do suck don't they.
E11: 4.11 3rd or 4th time pm'ing sync on IRC I got a reply.