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bash id&sync&co here (43 comments)
Posted by maza @ 07:28 CDT, 3 October 2013 - iMsg
Yo, got banned because my opponent kept on quitting/forfeiting early on.

Some time ago I got banned because I didn't let a very obvious cheater play on a server.

Id software team sucks.

Gonna report evil and request them (id bulbheads) to ban him the next time cypher repeatedly ragequits early on.

Now your turn, bash 'em.

E: 3.10 Was said to be a 24hr ban, it's been 29hrs now and still banned.
E2: Don't actually know what I was banned for. My opponent first forfeited 3 mins in, then 6 mins in and after that I got banned. Syncerror and are both ignoring.
E3: sponge ignoring also.
E4: Id sucks.
E5: 10.10 After this thread and some publicity on other threads, syncerror replied here on ESR and asked to email him with details. Sent a mail and been waiting for response for 25 days now.
E6: 24.10 Sent another mail to Been waiting for response for 11 days now.
E7: 28.10. Reminded syncerror on IRC, got ignored.
E8: 30.10 Reminded sponge on IRC, got ignored.
E9: 31.10 Sent another mail to SyncError's email address, the one he gave me. Been waiting for response for 4 days now.
E10: TLDR so far: sent 2 emails to syncerror, 1 support ticket, 1 email to support, contacted through IRC 5 times, contacted Sync through ESR 2 times, all in vain. They really do suck don't they.
E11: 4.11 3rd or 4th time pm'ing sync on IRC I got a reply.
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official zoot & ins appreciation thread (91 comments)
Posted by maza @ 08:40 CDT, 29 April 2013 - iMsg
you two rock my socks off, huge thx for the effort and the job you've been doing for so long!

been thinking for a while that you guys need some credit, pretty sure everybody here feels the same way!
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Aiming tips n stuff (253 comments)
Posted by maza @ 11:27 CST, 10 December 2012 - iMsg
1) I have this problem, sometimes, I don't hit shit. And it's not like the usual I-don't-hit-shit, it's the fundamental type, 10 prc lg and missing even the easiest rails, the ones normal people hardly ever miss. I miss them 5 in a row. Few weeks back I did my personal record, missed 26 rails in a row in aerowalk and I didn't even spam any D':
And I think I'm supposed to be atleast an average aimer, I've been gaming all my life and playing ql for quite a bit already, but still my aim is sometimes (way too often) like this. I've tried everything, changed configs, sensitivities, every aim-related cvar there is, different mice, my setup is perfect, I eat well and sleep well, my gaming position is ok, internet is ok, it has nothing to do with being warmed up, being raged or anything mental and so on... It just happens, I start to hit nothing, practically nothing (with hitscan mostly).

So far I've come up with two things, trying to abuse placebo effect (changing something minor so that I would think Imma strenx now) and concentrating whether I breathe when I duel. Don't think neither will help though but haven't tried yet :( And it has to be something in my brain, not my capabilities, it has to! Because sometimes I can hit just fine and be confident and pwn but the next match something clicks and I hit nothing and my selfconfidence is vanished and you all know how that ends.

2) Second issue is, I'm super inconsistent (or warmup dependant, take it as you like). My skill can easily go +-400-500 elo depending how much I've played. One week off and straight to duel without warmup I'm 1600 elo, everyday 2-3hrs for a month and warmup few hours before duel, I'm 2100 elo. And everyday no matter how much I've played I have to warmup like 60-90 minutes to get even near my average level of play (1800-1900 elo -> 2000 elo). I used to play a game called ET and had the same thing, in order to be on a satisfying level I had to play many hours every day and warmup for hours every day before a match. One day off and you needed 1,5x the warmup :(

1) What to do when you have 10% rail and 10% lg, when you're missing even the easiest shots?
2) How to NOT miss everything, how to aim decently, aimtips, ANYTHING on how to cope with this?
3) How to decrease the amount of warmup needed, how to be more consistent?

TL;DR: How to aim, I suck at aiming. Any tips?

This post probably is quite messy but maybe some of you bother reading it and come up with something reasonable, everything reasonable is appreciated :'<
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qlranks good or bad? (115 comments)
Posted by maza @ 12:38 CDT, 8 October 2012 - iMsg
for duel activity

I think it's bad

what do you think?
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mazamovie 5 (22 comments)
Posted by maza @ 11:54 CST, 7 March 2012 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 5.9 (26 votes)
A must-watch for every professional QL player! Some frags and stuff, also a bit of ET-Action somewhere there.

Previous work (in case this one happened to please you):
mm1 (ET):
mm2 (ET+QL):
mm3 (ET+QL):
mm4 (QL):

tank jjuu
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mazamovie 4 (92 comments)
Posted by maza @ 07:16 CST, 16 November 2011 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.6 (91 votes)

19 minutes of everyday frags (and ql only (no ET)) with pretty much pathetic editing and disgusting music, you've been warned.

u might find something watchable from previous chapters though so im gonna redirect you there right away (links in my profile):

#raab @ qnet or pm

Admin's note: Warning! This is a 19min 4/3 movie with a raw HUD!
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anticheat incoming (159 comments)
Posted by maza @ 07:03 CDT, 3 September 2011 - iMsg
Online players in QL: 0

jee :)

and yes, it's official #tzac:

Topic: :: TZAC coming to COD2, CS:S and QUAKELIVE soon, testers will be needed ::

doesnt necessarily need any approval or implementing by ID and when playing pickups etc you can see whos is using tzac and who's not. the other games have server add-ons that force players using tzac or they're not able to connect, i'm not sure how that can be sorted out with no dedicated servers but jee :)
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