As a solution to the console problem of lousy FPS controls, I have devised a new type of controller. It should be fully capable of emulating a regular console gamepad, while also providing a higher level of control.

Here's a drawing, where I once again showcase my incredible, highly-professional drawing abilities:

In the drawing, you see the basic structure of the controller. The top part consists of two joysticks (which are like the types of joysticks you would find in a jet-fighter game), and the select, start and home buttons found on every console controller. The joysticks each have two buttons: one set for the index fingers, and one for the thumbs.

The bottom part consists of the rest of the buttons, each one being a foot-pedal. Obviously, to press them, you use your feet.

That's about it. The idea is that the joysticks emulate the left and right thumb-sticks, but instead of using your thumbs, you use your hands, which gives you greater control.

A d-pad could be added somewhere, possibly as additional foot-pedals.