edit: i do enjoy quakelive(speccing/playing)
i just think our scene would be doing a lot better if the gameplay was faster and more exciting. i also think quakelive is likely not fixable and id would be better off starting with a new engine.
the purpose of this thread was not to cause a flamewar, but to spread awareness.

died in the states in 03
died worldwide in 07
it's successor will be dead once the year is over -
faceit can't be paying the life support bill forever


only way to bring it back would be to create a new, non-browser based game and to put the focus on teams instead of 1v1.
that mode can't be clan arena because clan arena is not a competitive mode(lolca). If id isn't fast enough, reborn will be stealing away all the fans and quake will be gone forever.
I hope the guys at id are working on something cause i rather not have to support "hair/" aka 2gd
to hair/id, don't even bring out 1v1 unless it is exciting to watch, you're directly competing against the fighting scene, which shits all over quakelive when it comes to excitement - go big or go home.

Evo 2013 livestream draws record numbers on Twitch with 1.7 million viewers



edit: a q4 multiplayer only remake could be the answer as well.
that game was a lot better than people give it credit for, it just needs some tweaking.