How to hit with rail?

There are two types of aiming with rail.

1. Wait railing: you wait for your opponent to pass through your crosshair, then press hit
2. Active railing: move your crosshair on your opponent and press hit, like flick shooting.


Enemy model:
keel and r_lodbias -2 better for rail
tankjr and r_lodbias 2 better for general use, I am mostly rail person but I prefer tankjr model. Seems like it is just a preference. But be sure that tankjr models are bigger than the actual hitbox. So you may get the feeling you hit it, but you actually dont.

I prefer to use cg_DrawCrosshair 7, It has the circle, which is really good for rocket and shaft, and also the cross for rail and the other stuff. But the size of it is a choice. I prefer 40, but some of my friends use 30 and some 47.

Only with rocket I use this 0, all other weapons are 1, This can be explained like, if opponent is getting faster, the model will lean towards its direction of movement, so you can aim better.

Almost all of my friends use 0, but even with 60ping I prefer to use 1, It is much more smooth and gives you the right feeling, I dont like the delay between my press and the visual.

These days a lot of people use, autotimenudge, but if I dont have higher than 70ping, (around 55-65) -20 works best for me, But i am active railing guy. If you are wait railing guy, you can use sth around -10


- Play sooooooo many instagibs
- Not try to be fast, just try to do everything precisely, then speed comes with it. Because it is good to hit first rather than missing and hit by slow shot.
- If you are facing each other and missed the first shots, never never never move your crosshair, aim with your strafes and wait him to go into your crosshair.
- To get used to relaod timing of the rail, it is 1500ms, you can see it with cg_railTrailTime 1500. If you dont want this you can also keep pressing the attack button when you missed if you can track him.
- Also use +zoom, it will make your sens slower so you can make flicks easier.

edited tip2 ! lol, and also this is alllll my personal choices. Just want to give some tips and info.