So I'm no quake master like I'm sure everyone that still plays this game is, but I used to play about 4 years ago, and myself and some friends have decided to reinstall to give it a go.

I was wondering if anyone could maybe list a few of the commands that you are expected to use in this game for client and server side. I don't think I need any that are in the settings for q4max, but I don't think all are.

I can remember net_clientmaxrate and I think the value was 25600

I can't remember any special server commands, if there is anything I'm likely to miss that'd be great, if there are empty UK Duel servers then I guess I could use them.

Another question that I'm asking purely out of curiosity is how good are the best players now? I started playing back round about the time of i32, where toxjq was the best, followed by avek, cooler and stermy. I was wondering how good are the best players now in comparison.