my wsw mode iwsw, 'i' standes for improved =)
kinda tried to make wsw more competetive and less random
All dashes, walljumps, doublejumps are controled by single DASHTIME which capped to 3.5 sec
It means that you can perform one of those one time in 3.5 sec.
Doublejumps are changed to be more UT-style: you will have dj if you pressed dash button in less then 100 ms after jump and being in the air
Added CrouchSliding also controled by DASHTIME and dash button
Changed behavior of dash button on slow (less then 300 ups) speed on ground - it works then like crouch button.
Increased crouch movement speed.
New aircontrol physics, made it "explicit" without any use of old mostly nonsense functions.
Removed nonsense 2 style movements. Now there is no difference in "forward" and "strafe" aircontrol, you can use only one button all the time. Aircontrol now is much more adjustable.
New cvar cg_autoAirControl (off by default) working only with "strafe" buttons and allowing weak bunny hopping without moving mouse at all.
It works like extra mouse sensitivity specific for aircontrol, it's harder to use but after some practice low-sens players can benefit from it.
(note: it seems to be bugged but only on linux =), if you have problems be sure that cg_autoAirControl is 0)
Updated huds to show DASHTIME, new cvar cg_showDashTime to disable it.
Capped minimum "teleported" speed to 500 ups and added shot knockbacked behavior.
Changed "knockbacked" behaviour, it's now not only removing ground friction but also decreasing ground accel and so works more like q3 "cripple" effect, to somehow compensate smaller new hitboxes)
can be adjusted, dont know how strong it's now
Changed MG spread to cylindrical.
Increased air wish speed to 450 ups, so you can reach this speed just by jumping. Aircontrol can give you max 750 ups. Still there is no cap with strafejumping and crouchsliding.

you welcome to test it and describe your filings about new physics.


to install it you should extract into your warsow folder so you will have both basewsw and iwsw folders in it and then start warsow with '+set fs_game iwsw' parameter
(if you installed wsw with installer copy your wsw shotcut and add '+set fs_game iwsw' in properties) or start wsw with 'iwsw.bat' or ''
it hopefully should work on win x32 and x64 and linux x64.