Hey guys, thanks to everyone showing interest! What I would like to do next is the following. I will leave sign-ups open for another 3 days [Until 12:00 P.M. EST, Friday, Aug. 10]. If there are enough players, we can expand this to a 32 man bracket.

In the meanwhile, the players that have signed should expect an e-mail in the next day or two, with confirmations.


Here is a list of players who I have communicated with and are interested in playing

1. gellehsak
2. Kwong-Lo
3. stv_
4. w0nk0
5. nigel
6. devious
7. lolograde
8. necrophag1st
9. walter
10. gaiia
11. venim
12. erhiy
13. TheMafia
14. pan1c
15. LaNcER
16. brut


Hey guys,

Trying to figure out if there will be enough interest for a cpm duel cup for NA. It will be late August, early September, 16 player bracket.

Email me @ xerosawyer@gmail.com if you would like to play.

Or message me on irc, #paramedics on irc.quakenet.org.

Additionally, you can leave your information in the thread below, however, I would like your email address so I could communicate important information.

Please include your nick and country.