Scheduled: 13:30 CDT, 26 July 2012 to 17:30 CDT, 26 July 2012
Schedule: Passed

Yesterdays Quake Live update saw the introduction of two new duel maps: Silence and Windsong Keep. The former of them, created by Germany Ferdinand "cityy" List persuades by a unique look and layout. The map features one mega health, one red armor, one yellow armor and two green armors but at the same time it is completely different from all current maps in the way it plays. To further test the map and see if it's suitable for competitive map pools I'm organizing a cup tomorrow, available to all European players. As a little incentive the winner of the tournament will recieve an entry ticket to the Adroits duel tournament. More cups from the Adroits organizers to test potential maps will follow shortly.

Streams: United Kingdom ddk, United Kingdom Holysh1tTV, Russia 102 TV
Links: Sign Up, Demos (twister vs czm, czm vs jaysson), mIRC#adroits.quake, Spawn Vis.
Notable Signups: Belgium dem0n, United States of America czm, Netherlands baksteen, Lithuania guard, Germany jaysson, Germany twister & more