This is the second time my abyssus shows me it's otherworldly powers, but this time I managed to recreate the situation and film it. It is moving and jittering all on its own. It happens when I place it on a specific part of the pad (QPAD CT). It also jitters when I move the mouse on that part of the pad. It hasn't been a problem for me ingame as it seems to jitter when I move the mouse very slowly but ofcourse it's very unnerving to know your mouse is going crazy under any conditions. I don't realistically expect much help as I've never seen anyone else with this problem but I remember some of you were saying that you had your abyssus start jittering after a year or something and suggested cleaning the lense. Did that help at all? Also some of you who have an abyssus and a qpad(h8m3) may wanna try to recreate this.