Update: Due to personal reasons, strenx postponed the match to Feb 8th, 20 cet

The end of EMS IX is near. The last ESL Major Series Quake matches take place this week! As no dates have been determined yet, no stream info can be given. From the moment the dates are fixed, info will be shared! Depending on the schedule, JoeMiller will step it up to cast!

The Grand Final is a battle between France and Germany! Will it be France strenx or Germany k1llsen who take the head prize of €500?

In the 3rd Place decider Netherlands Sc00T faces Russia agentJkezooR. Last time the match turned out in favour of Sc00T. Will Sc00T be strong enough to pull it off a 2nd time, or will agentJkezooR take revenge?

Everything will be pointed out the upcoming days!

Grand Final: strenx vs k1llsen - 2 February @ 21:00CET 8 February @ 20:00CET

Links: Announcement, Brackets