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1. Serbia Djordje used 3 fakers to play for Team Serbia in QL 4v4 tdm nations cup.
2. He posted the results on his facebook newsfeed.
3. Celebrated himself and liked his post.
4. Deleted any comments referring to what really happened on that match.
5. Participated in developing hacks for QuakeLive. (Testing and calibrating autoshoot against top tier players using your real or fake nick, and not telling them what you are up to kinda means that you take part in the developing process.)
6. Cheated in QuakeLive.
7. Lied about not cheating in QuakeLive.
8. Lied about how many matches he was cheating in QuakeLive.

The things that got revealed about him are just the tip of the iceberg. I personally don’t hate Serbia Djordje ZeroQL Simonovic tho. I don’t search the opportunity to harm him online. … but I hate his attitude, I hate him being twofaced, lying, and sneaking and mindfucking a whole community and expecting people to excuse.

Whats my aim here?

Sending a clear message to the Belgian emo ‘donthurtdjordje youdontknowhowniceguyheis’ kid, to the Italian ‘I still fail to recognize the contrast between laughing at me or with me’ guy, the possible hack buyers and the leftover cheaters who think they can get away with it. What I see here is an effort to get in backdoor. (Which you won’t Djordje.)

I think the guy makes good quake movies. On the other hand I find It extremely odd that a hack developer and cheater produces footage about the fair and clean and heroic fights in QuakLive. Not my thing.