oh hey

if you're a hater don't waste your time because we all know how
a) repetitive it is
b) easy it is to make
c) shitty gay faggoty trash that was cool back in 1995 til all the dubheadz blahblah cause its blahblahblah

in this thread post a few of your loved tracks for others to listen to. don't spam 15 shitty gabba tracks on one post that we all have to scroll over (p0rt), just keep it a few tracks per post or whatever. even write a bit about each one if you're feeling especially spergy.



bit of a crime posting something this in low quality. The bass sounds so much better in HQ but whatever, it's a killer track. shackleton makes great dark 'bass driven' music but this is his best for sure. i even have 2 copies on vinyl.. just incase.

robert hood has been around forever and is still a master of his craft. hypnotic, progressive, trippy techno at it's very finest

straight outa '94 when drum and bass was the shit. i used to listen to my sister play this stuff when i was a youngun' and i guess it suck with me. features the only MC i know that can sing a tune.

finally something in HD. i don't know anybody that makes tracks like this with such 'emotion'. listening to a burial album is like a journey. he makes vocals that sound like a mix of euphoria and sadness at the same time. here's a great interview with the fella after his first album release: http://www.thewire.co.uk/articles/347/ (i recommend listening to his music while reading it ofc)

your turn