By spawning a Quad and/or Haste 60 or 30 seconds before the end of a duel, on a fixed place in the map.

By doing this we make up for the 10 minute timelimit, which led to playstyles like: take control at start, make frags and camp out the game.

We will see more epic comebacks, less camping games out, and it will bring new excitement to play duel.

players will now play hard until the end. and not camp

Lets make a situation to test this.

Map: Bloodrun
Time: 60 seconds left
Score: Player.a 8 - 6 Player.b

Player.b is in control, he needs just 2 frags to tie the game, but Player.a is camping the lower YA teleporter. Quad and/or haste spawns in plasma room. Ofcourse player.a doesn't challenge for it since player.b is in control. He will pick up the powerup and actualy has a chance to tie up the game.

It's just unfair that a player can camp out games so easily with the 10 minutes timelimit. In my opinion this is a solution, and it will bring revolution to the gameplay of duel.

Who is with me?

we could at least add it as devpick to test... i'm sure it will change the gameplay in a positive way.