As im very happy with mine for over a month(not once switched back to my DA), while i thought i never find a mouse who fits me better than my Deathadder, i wanted to build some more(4 from bulk Kinzu, 1 from retail Kinzu).


-Deathadder 3G (1800DPI) main-PCB with IR-LED
-Omron D2F-01FL switches for mainbuttons which are more responsive than the original TTC-switches and have a shorter travel until they activate the click
-former DPI change button on top now working as Mouse4 or whatever you want to bind to it via razer driver
-Thin USB-cable from Deathadder
-Taped for low Lift Off Distance
-one set of unapplied Corepad Teflon mousefeet for Kinzu (orignal feet applied)

bulkversion (without grey finish and black scrollwheel) = 65 SOLD!!!]
retailversion with original box(with grey finish and white scrollwheel) = 75 SOLD!!!

payment via Paypal
shippment via DHL (worstcase 15,90 to places oversea within insurrance)

All mice have already been testet on desktop and ingame and meet my high requirements, otherwise i wouldn't sell them.

EDIT: Only one without interest

Edit: all mice are sold