Since hst has been gone for over half a year, ID has changed CL status to me, amOKchen ingame on IRC and here, for now.

Guess ill just continue his work in a similar fashion, but I probably wont check the thread unless you IM me.
So leave your QLname here and poke me, then you will be added. If you leave no QLname and it does not match your esreality name you will naturally not get the invite.

last invite send: 08-10-2015

invited: faden, mash, six16, dansen, deotrip, tzz, Nukm, unHuman, ruuven, Zer1ton, sunny25, tochter, hell5pawn, d1z, vernschillinger, Attyla7, zeroslaw, karizma, teknoir, king_, KillShott, Mav_, tB0nE, h8m3, mefajpE, dunZ, Tronic, son1dow, InDepther, glad1us, Allancer, MaGGoTkil, not_becks, Anhedonic, Arp_, 7herm, Dix, _msk, grimbob, owzo, Susta1nz, cooller, justanothernewb, donkz, TurboLaffe, ultimajji, kaleena, stunt, juno, erok, djzulu, ih, sh4rpe, ger1_, holden, Tropken, Insan3, s1ash, ZETTENNKAA, asdu, Something, He4rTL3sS, kanzo, Grumx, hejduk, beast, kK_Storm, Isalie, RoyV, righteouz, illogic, wzt, TIE, ani, SunTzu, 9237112, amOKchen, bZAND, erk, Ver1tas, outlaw, adrenal1ne, zuphrin, m1ggan, bst, vibeus, hauer, groparoo, DoGjA, steffo, qwih, Shahe, sentinel, Castelyn, super_koziol, megaman3, x1n, CrazyAl90, T1E, Storm, iavoal, schizm, 24, ceellan, skulp, ipx, xll38, Vryx, mar, Frysherrr, Vig1lante,
torzelan, Crashhhh, povohat, sentinel, nix0n, filo, advie, ti5gr, ROYV, sieger, pacmanpl, _gory, gl00my, Tebeg, iD_eNTITY, Mariano, Gajus071, CMSS, Latvietis, trolles, xerosawyer, crd, kava, linkyyy, b0se, Melted, SwarmDMX , strenx, shaka, p0pe, ihve, h4t3, sticky

Didn't work/to many clans: tyryl, nicknaper, Vdo, yay0, Lup1n
Unknown Player: sh4rpe!clans/summary/1947