Scheduled: 13:30 CST, 22 February 2011 to 16:10 CST, 22 February 2011
Schedule: Passed

This Tuesday evening, the second Qualifier cup for the EMS VIII Quakelive TDM 2v2 will be played starting at 13:30 CST. The cup will be played on a Single Elimination brackets, with bo1 matches. The top4 teams will qualify for this new EMS season!

The check-in will be running from 13:10 CST to 13:25 CST, then there will be 5 more minutes for late teams to sign up. The maps for the competition are Almost Lost (t6), Blood Run (ztn), Campgrounds (dm6), Devilish and Hidden Fortress (dm20).

Streams: Level Up, Russia GG
Link: Sign-up, Brackets, Rules - mIRC #esl.quakelive