XMPP failure again. This is 4th time ql is down in a few days. I know this will sound like troll attempt or bullshit remark, but has anyone been thinking about going back to Q3 CPMA ?

After all it would work all the time, u will get better netcode, gtv, all those good things that will never happen in ql and best of all it's all for free.

So who think that going back to q3 would actually be a good idea ?

I know ppl that started playing Quake with ql will probably think, going back to q3 is kinda a lot of work , so I included this Automatic Q3 installer, which can help anyone to install and have latest stuff up-to-date regarding q3 (I haven't checked that installer myself so I'm not sure it works 100%).

Anyway, your thoughts ?