(or at least one of the times)

Just found out there's a TF2 update. I tend to find myself binging on TF2 every time they do a big update, then not touching it for ages until the next one comes out often due to the update raping the game of originality and balance a little bit more every update

Oh how I miss the time when the game was just about 9 classes each with their own defined role. Now we have targe-demos, huntsman snipers [read: tardsman snipers], those gay bodyshot dart snipers, "milkmen scouts" (seriously?) and more I can't even remember. The kritz/uber medics I like... Natasha/Sasha heavies I can put up with but these sub-classes are just getting silly

Anyway, got a bit sidetracked. The holiday updates I do enjoy. Mainly because they don't add anything permanent and they're just a bit of a lark. It's the Halloween update now and I find myself getting back into the horrible and annoying habit of what I can only describe as 'Pokemon syndrome'

By that I mean... I need all the hats and achievements. Gotta catch 'em all!!!111one

Okay, so I don't desperately need them. Ain't gonna lose sleep over them, but there's something about these one-time year updates where limited items come up that I can't resist but try to get a Saxon Hale hat...

On a sidenote, whatever happened to ID doing those holiday events. That Silent Night map for Christmas was relatively retarded, but hey, it was easy to implement and a bit of fun if you were drunk