I started playing Quake Live and Quake about two years ago, back then I didnt really care how comfortable I felt when aiming / tracking with mouse. My style of holding mouse was very exhausting cause always when I tracked I strained my hand to be more accurate, it even worked back then and i had quite good accuracies ~35 with lg or so.

After few months playing I started to do some aimtraining in q3amphi, I did it only for like week few hours per day and after that my hand was totally exhausted, having some sort of synovium infection / exhaustion.. making matters even worse, it didnt heal in a week, a month or a year... It's still messed up, though i have changed my cfg, mouse grip, mouse etc to make playing more comfortable, even changed my +attack from mouse1 to space to reduce strain. Nothing of it helped. If I take like a break of two weeks I can play for like 3 hours without feeling the exhaustion and track well, having ~40acc in duel vs mediocore / good players.

Have you ever had them? If yes, why did they occur and how did you get rid of them?