I wanted to check out python so i wrote a pickup duel bot in it.
channel: #ql.1v1 on qnet

bo1 SE and standard maps, just remove 2 each.

When enough people have signed up it generates a bracket and the loser reports by writing !loss. Moderators can add/remove/report losses for others.

would be cool if you tried it out :) <3

(eu only atm)

todo list:

* maplists.
* adding ability to save bracket when shit goes to hell.
* experiment with multiple tourneys/brackets in one channel.
* adding more settings to make it suitable for scheduled tourenys
as well, where admins have more control
* adding the a way to ready check players and force !time on opponents who seem afk.
* experiment with ways of gathering info from quakelive site.
* making the bot more general and fix a way to make it possible for bot users (owners) to create their own scripts and other customized stuff