This is very busy week with a lot of games ahead of us with CB NC CTF matches in this week and one CB NC TDM match left from the last week.

CTF is in the finals with Germany Germany - France France fighting for Gold and Netherlands Netherlands - Finland Finland for Bronze, while TDM is in the semifinals yet with France France waiting winner from the United Kingdom United Kingdom - Poland Poland match, and Serbia Serbia waiting loser from the same match for Bronze Finals.

Also we got a CB OC TDM starting this week with a lot of matches already scheduled and one more qualifier to be played for CB EC Duel after which the groups will be published.

Maybe worth mentioning is the fact that for this year of CB EC Duel competition we got some prizes to give away, provided by our sponsor Steelseries:

1st: 1x SteelSeries Siberia v2
2nd: 1x SteelSeries Kinzu
3rd: 1x SteelSeries QcK+ SK Gaming

Most of the games will be streamed on Holysh1t or lvl^.


Links: Cup pages (NC CTF, NC TDM, OC TDM), Brackets (NC CTF, NC TDM, OC TDM), Twitter Cup updates on twitter