Update: Three games to be played tonight as seen in schedule down here. If Belgium Belgium don`t show up tonight in their game vs Poland Poland, it will be their second no-show and kick from the TDM cup ... Serbia Serbia fights United Kingdom UK and interesting to see if they could beat them in CTF as they did in TDM yesterday. And we also got Hungary Hungary vs Switzerland Switzerland in TDM match.

Important: If any game need to be rescheduled or moved to another date, admins must be contacted (PerpetualWar for CTF /TDM and Astral for CTF). Otherwise, double no-show might be applied. Rules can be found down below.

We are at middle of the group stage with 3rd week ahead of us.
Unfortunately a lot of games has been rescheduled already and many wildcards have been used and some teams even had their first forfeits. Look for the schedule and results down here.

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