Wow, I met this guy on Nine X server and this guy is a total jerk, looks like he's been ducking top competition (dodging cypher/av3k/rapha etc) only to dominate NEW games or just own ''noobs'' on random servers..Heres the condump

fatal1ty: ok noob
^A3^GuN!T: .........
fatal1ty: practice more
^A3^GuN!T: ur pretty mean
^A3^GuN!T: anyways every pros are cocky
fatal1ty: Im the greatest
josomebody connected
josomebody disconnected
^A3^GuN!T: bet u wouldnt have anything in my mod
^A3^GuN!T: LOL!
fatal1ty: What mod?
^A3^GuN!T: defrag
fatal1ty: I raped toxjq
^A3^GuN!T: trickjumping
fatal1ty: I'd own you in that too :)
^A3^GuN!T: i dont do runs
^A3^GuN!T: or cpm
^A3^GuN!T: trickjumping
^A3^GuN!T: u wouldnt even get close to owning me
fatal1ty: Would beat you in that to
^A3^GuN!T: doubt it
fatal1ty: Tell me when you win 12 championships in gaming
^A3^GuN!T: lol
^A3^GuN!T: u dont even trickjump
^A3^GuN!T: u only cpm runs
^A3^GuN!T: \
fatal1ty: I've tried it before
^A3^GuN!T: videos?
fatal1ty: Why would I record myself playing a noob mod
fatal1ty: Watch me play toxjq
^A3^GuN!T: everyone is great at something
^A3^GuN!T: nobody is great at everything
^A3^GuN!T: including u
fatal1ty: Unless your me
^A3^GuN!T: u wouldnt have a chance in a lil simple game of tricks again me
fatal1ty: You wouldnt have a chance 1v1 if i tried :)
^A3^GuN!T: i run team A3 trickjumping clan with 46 people
^A3^GuN!T: cuz im good at wut i do
^A3^GuN!T: trickjumping
^A3^GuN!T renamed to ^J@WBR3@]{3R
^J@WBR3@]{3R: everybody knows me
^J@WBR3@]{3R: q3a players
^J@WBR3@]{3R: my name is spread jus as much as urs
^J@WBR3@]{3R: so if u come into defrag and play a game of tricks against me
fatal1ty: Sure..
^J@WBR3@]{3R: u will lose
fatal1ty: And if you play me in Q4 you'll be in the negatives
fatal1ty: :)
^J@WBR3@]{3R: q4 is gay
^J@WBR3@]{3R: LOL!!!
fatal1ty: Your gay :)
^J@WBR3@]{3R: actually im straight
^J@WBR3@]{3R: if u think im gay then u must think that gay guys are actually
^J@WBR3@]{3R: making u hang with him
fatal1ty: Sure..
^J@WBR3@]{3R: so before u call SOMEONE gay
^J@WBR3@]{3R: u should know wut ur talking about
^J@WBR3@]{3R: if u really know how gay people are
^J@WBR3@]{3R: if u were straight u would
^J@WBR3@]{3R: obviously not
^J@WBR3@]{3R: so stick to ur frags
^J@WBR3@]{3R: cuz thats the only skills u have
^J@WBR3@]{3R: aim and shoot
^J@WBR3@]{3R: while i have 1/3 aim and 2/3 tricks skills
^J@WBR3@]{3R: more skills than u
^J@WBR3@]{3R: ur all aim
^J@WBR3@]{3R: im some aim and more
^J@WBR3@]{3R: ur nutting special
fatal1ty: I've won over 500,000 dollars playing video games
^J@WBR3@]{3R: heard u retired
^J@WBR3@]{3R: lol
josomebody connected
^J@WBR3@]{3R: from Q3?
josomebody disconnected
^J@WBR3@]{3R: Retired?
fatal1ty: Yeh
fatal1ty: I stopped
^J@WBR3@]{3R: must of been a career job for u
^J@WBR3@]{3R: LOL!
^J@WBR3@]{3R: only nerds would say they retired from a game
fatal1ty: Yes, now I've got my own brand
^J@WBR3@]{3R: so like i said
^J@WBR3@]{3R: stick to ur aim
^J@WBR3@]{3R: and think ur the best
^J@WBR3@]{3R: when ur only the best at aim
^J@WBR3@]{3R: nuttin special
fatal1ty: I've made over 500,000 dollars in video games loser
^J@WBR3@]{3R: ur point?
fatal1ty: You suck :)
^J@WBR3@]{3R: if i made a career out of a game like u did
^J@WBR3@]{3R: and call a retire on a game as well
fatal1ty: You'd be preety awesome
^J@WBR3@]{3R: if i wuz a nerd like u
^J@WBR3@]{3R: i probably would too
^J@WBR3@]{3R: and on top
fatal1ty: I'm a nerd? I just came from vegas and the playboy mansion buddy
fatal1ty: hahahahaha
^J@WBR3@]{3R: look at the accu
^J@WBR3@]{3R: higher than urs
^J@WBR3@]{3R: poor cocky pimple infested nerd
fatal1ty: I've made more money than you in gaming than you'll make in your
whole life
^J@WBR3@]{3R: ur all talk
^J@WBR3@]{3R: i can say shit too
^J@WBR3@]{3R: watch
fatal1ty: hahahaha
^J@WBR3@]{3R: i work at a job making 32 dollars an hour
fatal1ty: :)
^J@WBR3@]{3R: full time
fatal1ty: I've got my own brands of gaming equipment
^J@WBR3@]{3R: i dont go into dumbasses websites
^J@WBR3@]{3R: LOL!
fatal1ty: Hey, maybe you should buy some lessons from my friend stermy
^J@WBR3@]{3R: heres the one thing that would put it all down for u
^J@WBR3@]{3R: ur not a good player
fatal1ty: 60 euros an hour to learn duel
^J@WBR3@]{3R: u play good
^J@WBR3@]{3R: but ur not a good player
^J@WBR3@]{3R: ur cocky
^J@WBR3@]{3R: ur ignorant
^J@WBR3@]{3R: lame
^J@WBR3@]{3R: so who gives a fuck about u
^J@WBR3@]{3R: if u would of jus said good games
fatal1ty: I've won, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12, championships in
^A3^QuAd connected
^J@WBR3@]{3R: instead of a ignorant comment like noob at the end
^J@WBR3@]{3R: u would of looked lika better player
^J@WBR3@]{3R: Quad
fatal1ty: alright noob :) go watch some of my demos
^J@WBR3@]{3R: hope u arent puttin ur shit down for this fag
^A3^QuAd: ?
^J@WBR3@]{3R: hes jus another cocky ignorant fag
^A3^QuAd: lol
^A3^QuAd: i downloaded all the cpma maps
fatal1ty: hahaha
^J@WBR3@]{3R: he thinks he can beat us in trickjumping
^A3^QuAd: lol!
^J@WBR3@]{3R: ur all aim dumbass
fatal1ty: Sure..