I'm kind of bored and can't sleep so I decided to go through all the player accounts for the competitors @ the IEM finals and see what kind of practice time they're putting in. I'll update this later tonight to make sure I get all the stats right before the start of the tournament tomorrow.

Practice time and other statistics from Feb. 24 2010 - Mar. 02 2010 (Last 7 days):

Need the account name the following players are practicing under:
Magnus "mouz.fox" Olsson

If you guys can give me other accounts/aliases any of these players are practicing under I can merge their stats together. Let me know.

UPDATE: All players except fox have been updated. We'll see if practice pays off tomorrow.

UPDATE #2: Here is the requested money earned per hours practiced:

Rapha: 21 Hours = $476.19 per hour
Cooller: 33 Hours = $121.21 per hour
Av3k: 23 Hours = $69.56 per hour
Cypher: 16 Hours = $50.00 per hour
Fox: 0 Hours = $600.00 per hour :D
Dahang: 29.5 Hours = $20.33 per hour
Stermy: 25 Hours = $16.00 per hour
Strenx: 28 Hours = $14.28 per hour
Jibo: 10.5 Hours = $38.09 per hour
Dkt:: 21 Hours = $19.04 per hour
Griffin: 30 Hours = $13.33 per hour
Chance: 31 Hours = $12.90 per hour

Keep in mind that this is based only on the practice time recorded a week before the event..

Last Updated Tuesday March 2nd 8:43PM EST.